The Perfect Spring Maxi Dress

Long green dress olympic ringWell…perfect for me. 😉

I’ve never been a fan of floral prints or pastels, so spring fashions have always boggled me. When shopping amongst an array of hydrangea printed skirts and bright yellow sundresses, I tend to stand dumbfounded at what to do with the brightly coloured frocks. Should I wear them? Can I take a Photoshop desaturate tool to them?

I’ll admit, I’m a dark colour girl (there’s a reason black will always be classic). But in addition to the dark jewel tones, I like (and look best in) forest tones. Earthy hues like greens, browns, rusts, and any other colour that might make one think that I am, in fact, an elf.

Bebe long green dressI stumbled across this pristine piece while on a out on a retail therapy excursion due to a rather stressful week. While perusing through the racks at Bebe, I saw a long piece of pale olive green fabric nestled in between the loud and/or pastel prints. My elven heart was immediately drawn to it and its silken feel. I tried it on, wrestled with the price (as on clearance it was still a hefty sum for my meager pocketbook), walked away for an hour to decide if I really wanted, decided I did, went bought, and smiled about it all the way home.

long green dressI wore it the next day while out visiting friends at one of Atlanta’s anime conventions, Momocon. I got stopped quite a few times by folks thinking it was a costume or just oggling over it’s formal, but casual vibe. A friend was kind enough to snap some photos outside by the 1996 Olympic Ring statue (or “incognito Stargate” as I like to call it).

long green dressAGGN-MomoCon2015-BrianaLamb-JGarner_0014AGGN-MomoCon2015-BrianaLamb-JGarner_0015AGGN-MomoCon2015-BrianaLamb-JGarner_0016Ah, but that wasn’t the only part of the fun. Here’s a sneak peek of Part Two of the photoshoot….

aggn-momocon2015-brianalamb-jgarner_0001Dress: Bebe Double slit maxi dress
Cuff: Forever 21
Photographer: James “Frameshot” Garner (photos used by permission from Anime Geek Gaming Nation)


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