Tennessee Renaissance Festival 2015

Blue and Burgundy FairyA couple weeks ago I got to visit the Tennessee Renaissance Festival, where I had been a cast member for three years before moving to Georgia. It was truly an amazing learning experience to hone improv acting and movement skills, so I was happy to return there to play and see old friends of years past. It was especially special this year because of my brush with death in the car accident. So it was important to spend time with the people that I love and were so supportive of me during recovery.
11251912_10202690522503005_5863705612425070491_nSure enough, when I arrived, some of the cast knew I was coming, but most didn’t. It made my heart burst with joy and my cheeks almost burst from blushing at all the double-takes, big hugs, squealing of my name, and people almost dropping character in surprise. I truly felt loved.
IMG_20150516_121723Now I couldn’t show up in regular clothes. But I also had no costume to wear either. *Cue fairy rescue!* The costume was borrowed from the faerie director at the festival, who is a good friend of mine and body twin. (Rumor on the street has it that her husband has banned me from wearing her clothes because we look too much alike from behind. 😛 )
11109707_10206666872333377_5817657433569075481_n10989171_10202690521502980_1618963901099406589_nPhotographs: Doug Wong, David Merritt, Kirk Hughes, and well…a selfie with my phone.


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