Katniss’ Hunting Outfit – Part I

Katniss_hunting12I swing my legs off the bed and slide into my hunting boots. Supple leather that has molded to my feet. I pull on trousers, a shirt, tuck my long dark braid up into a cap, and grab my forage bag.

First costume on the list for The Katniss Project is Katniss’ Hunting Outfit! From the description given in the book this outfit consists of…

– Long dark braid tucked up into a cap
– Shirt
– Trousers
– Supple leather hunting boots
– Forage bag
– Hand-crafted bow, sheath of arrows all in waterproof covers

(Extra bonus prop: “…a perfect little goat cheese wrapped in basil leaves. Prim’s gift to me on reaping day.“)No other descriptions are given than that, so this is where the fun comes in. I get to create it! So let’s start from the top, shall we?

While The Hunger Games is set in the future, it is a dystopian one that regresses the fashions of the districts. They aren’t wearing the latest in textile technology, but harken back to simpler times. I imagine the style of each district would be tied to its particular overall vocational trade. District 12 is the mining district. Then, looking at Panem basically being the USA, District 12 is roughly Appalachia. So in that regard, I completely agree with the first movie’s decision to go with a Depression-era Southern mining town look.

Throughout the books Katniss is described as having a regular braid down her back, not a side braid as made iconic by the film. While I do so love the look of the side braid, I find the back braid to be more practical. (For Shannan’s costume from the book series, Allon, I designed her with a side braid (yes, I did that before the Hunger Games films came out, so the look was a coincidence). I instantly regretted that decision when I took an archery lesson and found the side braid got in the way. So for that reason, and because Suzanne Collins wrote it as such, I will be sticking with the back braid.

Now comes the trickier part….the cap. What sort of hat would Katniss wear? Although District 12 is a mining district, Katniss herself is not a miner, so no hard hats. I’m learning towards the softer worker type hats as pictured below. Though I’m not sure if the bill would get in the way of her archery at all (I’ve only done archery once. I’m more of a swordswoman) So I’ll going to have to do more research.
Types of mens hatsShirt
There is no description for this item other than the noun for what it is. What kind of shirt? What season is it? Is it long-sleeve, short sleeved? Fitted? Loose? The first few lines of the first chapter mention Katniss feeling the cold of the bed or looking for her little sister’s body warmth. Considering that Catching Fire is set during the winter time, it’s likely the first book is set in autumn. My mind wanders to henleys, waffle knit tops, more thermal type base layers. Not anything light to let the wind go through and keep her shielded with some warmth outdoors. Definitely strongly sewn together, though perhaps a bit of wearing out at the most rubbed against seams (like shoulders). I wonder what a good shirt for hunting would be. Hmm….

In terms of fit, the shirt would most likely be an average to loose fit as the districts aren’t known for their tailoring. Being fitted is usually a sign of something being either too small or richly made (oh yes, even the tight tank top you get from Forever 21 would be extravagant for District 12 as mass-produced clothing was doubtfully made. More likely clothing was made on a much smaller scale or individual basis with trade between the districts).

No mention of Katniss’ father’s hunting jacket is mentioned in the first chapter, so I’m going to assume she’s not wearing it. Though I find it odd as it seems to be cool in this part of the book so I would assume she would have that extra layer of protection. Mm….now I’m debating whether to include it or not. Decisions, decisions.

I’m going to have to do some research into this one as to what sort of pants hunters would’ve worn in time before mass-produced polyester activewear. I originally thought corduroys might be a good choice due to their rugged look, but a friend nixed that idea as the activity of going through the brush or chasing down game would wear out the fabric quickly. Not being familiar with wearing corduroy myself, I’m not sure how accurate that is. But I think once I settle on the type of material the pants will be made out of, it’ll be quite easy to find at a local Goodwill or eBay. Though I do see a lot of denim or similar material in various Appalachian photographs. So I may go along that route (but not blue jeans, something more in the brown family).
Appalachian Hunters(from Basspro.com)

A belt will most likely be in order as I’ve seen many workers of ages past using belts to hold their pants up. Katniss is supposed to be small so clothes would hang on her a bit, thus a belt would be appropriate. Now, to pockets or not to pockets. That is the question…

Although for sheer lack of proper funds and laziness, I’ll most likely reuse my Tomb Raider boots for the final costume (unless I just happen across a cheap pair of supple brown leather boots). The only difference between my Tomb Raider boots (a lovely pair of Timberland Dusseldorfs – picture right) and Katniss’ boots (picture left) is that they are a hard leather instead of supple. But other than that, they would be perfectly suited to running around chasing game (I know this for a fact as I spent 15 hours doing a photoshoot in those boots while scurrying down ravines, over rocks, and up mountains).

Bow, Quiver, and Arrows
For the bow, I’d love to do a handcrafted wooden bow. I could buy one, but I’d sure love to make one myself. One of my roommates has a wooden lathe and likes archery, so it may be a fun project to do at home sometime.

For the quiver, I’m not sure what kind of quiver she would’ve had access to (i.e. what her dad made). So I’ll do more research into that.

For the arrows, I might reuse the ones I made for my Tomb Raider costume (wooden shafts with turkey feathers) as I think those would be adequate. Katniss’ arrows would also likely be handmade as her bow.
Tomb Raider
*** Gloves? (For archery and for picking up freshly killed game)
*** Knife? (For killing/cleaning game and general hunting. Though that may be in her bag and not on her belt)

If you happen to have any suggestions, knowledge, or opinions that might help, feel free to leave a comment! 🙂