Casual Spider-girl Sneak Peek

fashion spidergirl converse
Sometimes you just gotta do Mayday Monday on a Tuesday…..with a sweet behind-the-scenes video of my recent casual Spider-girl shoot from the folks at Angle 3 Films! A match made in geeky heaven, I happened to need photos for my blog and Michael Rivera and David Hoang needed a project for their interns to cut their teeth on. Win-win!

Man, I want to do more of these. Didn’t they do a great job? 

Captain America Fitness

Last year, geek fashion giant Her Universe teamed up with Kohl’s department store to release their first major activewear line. Just in time for the Captain America: Civil War movie release, the line was themed with the powerful figures of Captain America, Black Widow, and Iron Man.

Geeky activewear? Well that’s something I didn’t have in my wardrobe. Affordable geek activewear? Excuse me while I shuffle over to Kohl’s….

So shuffle over I did. After trying on every piece (and subsequently realizing that no, I didn’t have enough of a paycheck that week to buy EVERY piece. It was a tough choice, let me tell you…), I walked away with two Captain America outfits and one Black Widow outfit. For this post, I’m going to focus on one of those outfits and roll out the other two later. Since today is July 4th, what could be more patriotic then Captain America?

This particular combination is a bit daring for me, but I’ve found it’s a very comfy combo to wear in the heat of Atlanta. The fabric is comfortable and the cuts of the pieces allow for full range of movement (but without the clothes moving too much for the dreaded wardrobe malfunction). The higher waisted shorts in combination with the sports bra puts a slight vintage feel on an otherwise very modern pattern.

Confession: I wear the Captain America outfits and the Black Widow pants a couple times a week. Yep. They’re totally my “activewear-as-everyday-wear-even-though-I’m-not-going-to-the-gym” clothes. They’re comfy. They’re geeky. They’re conversation starters. What’s not to love?

(While the colours have been retouched in these photos, my skin, body size, etc. have not been. So every bit of cellulite, scars, wrinkle, or bony/flabby part you see is all me.)

Photograph: Kyle Matthew Williams
Sports Bra: Her Universe
Shorts: Her Universe
Aviators: Target
Shoes: Naturalizer via DSW

Everyday Rey

While I mainly lean towards the couture side of things with gown versions of popular characters, sometimes certain costumes are just better suited to casual wear. Such I feel is the case with Rey and her rugged, but simplistic looking outfit. So I drew up an outfit that would be easy to translate into regular 21st century everyday clothes.

Everyday Rey The Lady Nerd
A simple bun would do nicely! (Unless one wants to go for the gusto and do Rey’s 3-bun style, which I still have yet to figure out…)

This style is a variation on the popular wrap shirt. I’ve seen this particular sleeveless variation often this summer (and kicking myself that I didn’t pick up a white one to dye). It would be ideal to find a top that has the look of two-in-one, but if you can only find the outer wrap top, just throw a tank top underneath it and voila! (And if you can’t find the top in the right sandy colour, try getting a white top and dyeing it to the right shade with RIT dye.)

Karen Kane Wrap TopKaren Kane Sleeveless Wrap Top

Calvin Klein Wrap TopCalvin Klein Bar Plaque Sleeveless Wrap Top


I didn’t think about it when drawing as I was going for a thicker banded bottom to the top, but it would entirely be appropriate to pair a brown leather belt with it at as well in reference to Rey’s costume.

I plan on just using the pants from my Rey costume, but thankfully her pants style is fairly easy to find (or find pants to alter). In the film they’re of a silk fabric, but any soft fabric should do for an everyday look. Alas, they’re out of season right now, but who knows you might get lucky in thrifting!

41zcWPAU7qL._UL1500_Top-EC 3/4 Pants

F21 culottesForever21 High-Waisted Pleated Culottes

Since I have them (and they are SUPER comfy!), I’ll be using the Po-Zu Piper boots that were used in the film. But they can be a little steep in price for some, so here are a couple of cheaper alternatives…
Target Muk Luk’s Demi Boot

Kohl’s Madden Girl Jackmen Boots

BB8 has to show up somewhere right? I think a necklace with be a nice touch in addition to either a leather cuff or any sort of brown material or bejeweled bracelet.

50096893Target BB8 Necklace

50094942BB8 stud earrings

s-l1600Multistrand Leather Bracelet

If you happen to put this outfit together, take a picture and send it to me! I’d love to see it. 🙂 Now all of this being said, I’m totally working on a couture gown version of Rey too….(predictable? Who, me?)

Her Universe and Hot Topic’s Star Wars Collection

Her Universe Hot Topic Star Wars CollectionHer Universe and Hot Topic have partnered together again to release a Star Wars themed collection for geek girls everywhere just in time for the new film. Following their successful Avengers collection, more fandom-themed dresses, jackets, and tees are already flying off the shelves in stores and online. As before, this line features a few costume-esque pieces, but none too garish as to be straight up cosplay. Probably more suited for the convention scene or having lunch with friends than to wear to work, but it’s nice to even have these options after years of being relegated to scrounging through the guys department for a decent geeky tshirt.

I’m really digging the fashion editorial vibe they went with for the photoshoot with it’s desert backdrop and strategically placed futuristic props. Alas, the fashion still isn’t quite my cup of tea as I prefer longer, more tailored pieces (partially due to personal visual aesthetic and partially due to personal body proportions). So I’ll be passing this collection up, but seeing as there’s quite a few different body types and a myriad of style preferences out there, I’m sure there are some gals this collection would look fabulous on! (Although I am debating about that sweet-looking leather Darth Vader jacket….) But without further adieu, here’s a view of the entire collection.

Her Universe Hot Topic Darth VaderHer Universe Hot Topic Darth VaderHer Universe Hot Topic Darth VaderHer Universe Hot Topic Darth VaderHer Universe Hot Topic BB8Her Universe Hot Topic Princess LeiaHer Universe Hot Topic Boba FettHer Universe Hot Topic Boba FettHer Universe Hot Topic R2D210445197_Darth-Vader-Knit-Sweater_49.5010445337_SW-The-Force-Awakens_Tour-Tee_28.50Photographs © Fashionably

Back to the Future Couture

Back to the Future 2015The day has arrived where the infamous Marty McFly appears from the past via the time-traveling DeLorean (from the 1989 film Back to the Future Part II for those not in the know). While posts online are all abuzz with the differences between what 2015 was supposed to look like versus the reality of now, I think there’s a lot to be said for how far we’ve come as a society for creativity. Sure, scientific advancements may not have us all on hoverboards, but there have been many advances in medicine and technology (hello smartphones!) that would still make Marty McFly ooo and aah.

The same, I believe, can be said of clothing design. While we don’t have self-tailoring jackets or immediate air dry, we are on the cusp of some very interesting 3D printed apparel. Not to mention more sophisticated design work than the um…’unique’ choices in the film of what 2015 clothing would look like.

Back to the Future 2015But I’d like to focus on the design aspect some more. Having studied a bit of fashion and costuming history, we have entered into an era where almost anything can be designed (and in most cases, made). With materials like worbla, neoprene, acrylic, etc. there’s more room for creative exploration by the average person. What was once relegated to Fashion Week-level couture designers, can now be made on a personal scale. How exciting!

One such exciting venue (near and dear to my heart, of course) is geek fashion design. Last year at the first annual Her Universe Geek Couture Fashion Show, geeks from all over the US creatively explored ideas of their favourite characters or fandoms in apparel form. But one such design (the winner, in fact) stood out as being perfectly appropriate for today.

Amy Beth Christenson designed and made the winning piece humorously titled, “Great Skirt, Marty!

great-skirt-marty-runwayI knew I really wanted to do a ‘Back to the Future’ outfit ’cause it was huge for me growing up. It made a big impact on me and what I wanted to do growing up,” Christenson told HitFix in an interview. (She now is a senior concept designer and visual development artist for Lucasfilm Animation.)

In lieu of doing my own interview with Christenson (I thought of the idea too late), I thought I’d showcase what I could find of the making-of this fun outfit. For the fantastic DeLorean jacket, Christenson used a very lightweight marine vinyl that had a brushed metal, stainless steel appearance and was easy to work with. To make the “exhaust vents” on the back of the jacket, she hand-quilted upholstery batting and black spandex. (My fingers hurt just thinking about it!)

GreatSkirtMartysketchThe belt features the DeLorean logo and grill on the front and tail lights on the back. Christenson 3D printed the front belt piece in plastic after digitally building it using the program, Maya.

great-skirt-marty-belt-coverOn the back of the belt, each tail light was created by layering reflective aluminum tape, clear ribbed shelf liner, and colored light gels. A frame was then 3D printed with a flexible rubber so the belt could bend easily and not break. (It’s amazing how far we’ve come to be able to custom-make accessories like this. I’m still wrapping my head around non-fabric materials, myself.)

great-skirt-marty-belt-lightsAs any Back to the Future fan knows, dramatic fire trails spit out from behind the DeLorean leaves when it revs up to travel through time. Bet you can’t guess which part of the outfit that shows up in! Christenson bought a pair of Hue black tights and airbrushed them yellow, orange and red with fabric dye. (I wish I had known about airbrushing a pair of tights rather than using actual paint and a paintbrush. Oh those tights looked horrible…)

great-skirt-martyAnd last but not least, Christenson commissioned Johnna Joy Murch to make a few matching pieces of jewelry to go with the outfit. Murch created a 4 piece set of radiation hazard earrings, a barcode choker necklace, cuff bracelet with the Mr. Fusion logo, and clutch purse which featured the DeLorean’s futuristic barcode license plate.


What fantastic times we live in to be able to create these type of things! Although I’m still waiting on my hoverboard… *stamps foot*

Photos:, Amy Beth Christenson