Scar Photoshoot – Contact Sheet

My scar photoshoot, while originally inspired by an article on disabled models, was also inspired by Coco Rocha‘s new book, Study of Pose. (Coco is one of my personal role models and utmost inspiration for modeling. It’s because of studying her growing up that I honed the craft of dynamic posing. She is the dynamic model of all models. It’s amazing to see the ways she poses in clothing and expressions, even characters she delivers while most models tend to have the same blank expression and wooden posing. She’s a good-natured soul to boot who actually cares about other folks, especially young girls in the fashion industry. )


You can check out Coco Rocha’s book here –>

You can see my photoshoot here –>

You can read about the accident that almost cost my life here —>


I posted one of these pictures on my Instagram and Coco responded! (Forgive me, I’m still new to Instagram, so having a celebrity or someone I admire respond is pretty rad. 🙂 ) 10407791_878049438914326_6605686856830486037_n