Shannan Costume – Wig and Winter Shoot

Part 9 of the Construction behind my Shannan, the Daughter of Allon costume.

I knew I wanted a wig for my Shannan costume as my hair is very very fine, thin, and there’s not a lot of it. Shannan, on the other hand, has thick hair. In the book it’s written that Shannan wears her hair in a large braid. Well, I can guarantee you that when my hair gets put back in a braid it’s about the size of a rat’s tail. Seriously. So I decided to save myself the embarrassment and get an actual wig. Now since this was the first time I had ever worn a wig for a costume, I was going to need a little extra help.

Aria Durso was the go-to wig lady of Middle Tennessee at the time. Although her wig creations tend more towards the fantastical and theatrical, she has experience with more down-to-earth hairstyles as well. After searching through an untold amount of braid images online, I settled on a style of braid seen on the runway for Alexander Wang’s Spring/Summer 2010 collection. It wasn’t pulled starkly back (as I wanted bangs like in my drawings of Shannan), but still secure and believable to be running around the forest in. (*Note* Yes, I came up with this before the revealing of Katniss Everdeen’s infamous side-braid. Apparently I was just on the same wavelength of popular hairstyles!)
Alexander Wang 2010 side braidMan I wish I could get my hair to look that awesome every day….but I digress. Aria brought over two wigs for me to try on – one synthetic and one made of real human hair. Ironically the synthetic fit better! (I forgot to mention that in addition to having thin hair I also have a small head more akin to a child’s size than an adult. Don’t even get me started on trying to shop for hats…) So Aria went to town and I was graced with a beautiful wig that could not have been more perfect (Note: In 2015, 5 years after this wig was made, I’m STILL getting comments on how it looks like my real hair. 🙂 )

In January 2011, we actually had a real snowfall in Nashville! (we tend to only get a dusting every so often) So while everyone else was lobbing snowballs and building their snowmen (alright, so I did kind of build a snow Yoda…), I decided to grab my costume and head outdoors for a little fun photoshoot with my mom. Here you get the see the wig in action!
IMG_4196 IMG_4198 IMG_4200 IMG_4201 IMG_4202 IMG_4204 IMG_4205 IMG_4206 IMG_4211 IMG_4212 IMG_4232

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