Shannan Costume – The Undershirt

Part 3 of the Construction behind my Shannan, the Daughter of Allon costume.


In the beginning, I had bucked Mom’s desire for a cowl in the design. I was pushing for more of a double funnel collar and leave the hood of a separate cloak. But as Mom rightly pointed out, “it’s in print,” so I relented, but not without sketching out a few more collared undershirts…
Shannan_undershirtAfter viewing the sketches, Mom asked for me to combine design #3 and #2 (a simple shirt with the detachable cowl). Sketch #9 was my last attempt to weasal in a double collar. I kept the shirt design simplistic, but with a tapered bottom rather than a straight cut (I find it stays tucked in. With my insanely long torso, shirts coming untucked is a frequent problem). However, the full sketch of the final costume was the death of the double collar as it needed to be a cowl (see previous post on the cowl) and thus I hammered the last nail in the coffin of the funnel collar.

Nary did I have a day to sketch a new undershirt before I struck gold in the local Goodwill store. Upon perusal of the racks, I came across a wonderfully rustic looking shirt that was not only my size but 100% linen!
IMG_2010 IMG_2015Can you believe the tag says it’s a XS from Gap?!


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