Shannan Costume – Pants and Boots

Part 6 of the Construction behind my Shannan, the Daughter of Allon costume.

Surprisingly there’s very little to say when it comes to the construction of the pants and boots. Both were Goodwill bought with no modifications (with the exception of taking in the size 6 pants as I wear a 0). The pants are thick suede by Ann Taylor with a silk lining that is RIDICULOUSLY freezing when the temperatures dips below my beloved 70 degrees. As far as the look I wanted for the pants, I took inspiration from Faramir in the Lord of  the Rings films. Truth be told, the Rangers of Ithilien were the primary inspiration for my Shannan costume. I really wanted to create a rustic, unique, but entirely believable costume so I took quite a few notes from Weta Workshop’s costuming department.
f_pantsAt first I opted for woolen hose or leggings (ala Legolas or Aragorn) until I put the jerkin on and realised that with its bulk the proportions looked off. So I went with the Ann Taylor pants.

The boots are suede slouch boots with no apparent brand name. They’re definitely a wee bit snug, but they have a very interesting fitted foot shape not usually characteristic of tall boots. I originally wanted to go with something more along the lines of what Faramir wore, but I’m beginning to think there’s a conspiracy out there against making those kind of boots for women. But as it turns out, the boots I found work best being similar fabric to the rest of the costume (and there’s no lacing on the rest of the costume, so that probably would’ve bothered me aesthetically).
IMG_2187Now, for the actual boot colour!

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