Rodarte Star Wars 2014 Runway Line

Rodarte Star WarsRodarte set the fashion and geek worlds abuzz when it took over New York Fashion Week’s runway in 2014 with model bedecked in floor-length gowns with prints of iconic Star Wars imagery – from death stars to Tattoine to Yoda (and yes, George Lucas was spotted in the audience.) The designs may not be my cup of tea, but I certainly love seeing geek imagery stomping down major fashion runways!

rodarte star warsA few months later, designers Kate and Laura Mulleavy teamed up with photographer, Todd Cole to do a shoot of the collection at none other than  Skywalker Ranch. (Is anyone else jealous of that model? Because I know I am! A thin, straight-haired brunette shoot couture fashion AT Skywalker Ranch? Oh yes, do colour me jealous. I don’t mind.)

Rodarte Skywalker RanchThe sisters are self-described sci-fi geeks so it was only natural for some of that to come out in their work. In their own words, “We don’t remember a time when we hadn’t seen Star Wars. We were born after the films came out, but they seem to be a part of our growing up, from all ages. We were drawn to the mythology behind the films, to the characters and the ways in which they were crafted. In later years, we were able to see the beauty of the films —  the landscapes and craftsmanship required to make the films so complete and whole. Every detail of the world created for Star Wars was thought out and brought to life as if it were real.

Rodarte Skywalker RanchOur Fall 2014 collection was inspired by our nostalgia for our childhood, delving into the ephemeral space of our imagination, highlighting our fascination with storytelling and cinema, which culminated with the inclusion of artwork from Star Wars in the five couture gowns ending the collection. More than anything, this collection is about the limitless possibilities of youth and how our imagination transformed our backyard into a great adventure. In the end, the dresses represent something intangible — the instantaneous and overwhelming moment of impact that changes the way you see the world. They represent the instant where you learn to keep your eyes wide-open to the vast potentiality of everything.

Rodarte Skywalker RanchThe Star Wars films seem to have become a part of who we are. In a broader sense, they have melded with the collective conscious of our cultural DNA. They are a heartbeat that joins so many people together or a complex nervous system, connecting far off worlds with the very real and universal human experience. On top of all of this, the films of the saga are, simply put, fun — just like jumping into the ocean, one’s first kiss, or seeing the stars on a clear night.

Rodarte Skywalker RanchPhoto credits: NY Post, People Style Watch, Star


  1. Alice says

    GREAT post. As a huge fan of both Rodarte and Star Wars, I have no idea how in the world I missed this until I realized this was the season my eyes glazed over at the first few looks and I never bothered getting to the end or reading the reviews. Thanks for sharing!!

    xo, Alice
    Miss Inconnue || Etsy

    • The Lady Nerd says

      Yeah, they kinda snuck those Star Wars pieces in there. It was the first time I had seen anything like that on the runway. So I started researching and found that kind of stuff has shown up before, but it’s not broad knowledge in the geek community (as the worlds of high fashion and geekdom tend to be in their own little corners. I aim to change that!).

      Thanks for reading! (and commenting. 🙂 )


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