Geek Couture – Vogue Loki


(Note: Another new section! On Wednesdays, I will be rolling out Geek Couture – a category of the blending of the fashion world and geekdom. To give you a better idea of what I mean, I thought I’d start off with one of my own creations…)

Shortly after the Avengers film came out, a friend suggested that, in no uncertain terms, I should do a female version of the title villain, Loki. After a few rounds of online research, I came to the conclusion that the only femme designs created at the time were cocktail dresses or short Lolita-esque frocks (not that I mind anyone wearing these sorts of things, mind you. The designs just didn’t quite jive in my head). Loki has a flair for theatrics, so I figured if everyone showed up somewhere in cocktail dresses, Loki would show up in a full-fledged gown. Why? Because she could. So I quickly sketched out a two-piece gown inspired by both the film and comic version of Loki. My representation is not as exact as I wanted to keep a high fashion element to it. Thus Vogue Loki was born.


The biggest deviation on this costume design was that I pulled from my experiences as a model and love for high fashion to craft an haute couture look. This ended up being the main influence for the photoshoot, to push it more towards looking like a magazine editorial.

IMG_9162IMG_9227IMG_9219IMG_9126 IMG_9156  IMG_9165   IMG_9279


Hair: My own hair simply blowdryed, brushing the hair back from the face then spraying the heck out of it for sheen and staying power.

Makeup: MAC makeup artist Aisha Daly did the honours. She did a mixture of black and green eyeshadows with green glitter eyeliner on the top and gold glitter eyeliner on the bottom, complete with false eyelashes and black glossy lipstick. (We also opted to go for a “no eyebrows” look, common on high fashion, but also because that is the look Female Loki in the comic sports!)

Dress: All one piece made by Angelica of Angelly Cosplay – (I designed it completely, but I can’t sew to save my life, so I left that in her much more capable and talented hands). The green fabric is 100% polyester made to look like silk dupioni (we used the wrong side because it had a nicer sheen to it). The skirt has 13 panels in it to give it that wide, flowing look. The black material is actually a polyurethane psuedo-leather skirt from the 80s we hacked up for the vest-like piece. On the shoulder, we put in a brass zipper from Hobby Lobby, pulled apart with separate strands on each shoulder.

Necklace and cuff: Forever 21

Tights: DKNY

Shoes: Aldo


Picture 1: Brownlee of RBC Image (
Pictures 2-6: Kyle McLaughlin (

Outfit of the Week – The Cat in Black

One of the new sections on this blog, known as Outfit of the Week, will be a look into my personal wardrobe. Some will be photos (such as this post or like many personal fashion blogs). Some will be illustrations (as it is absurdly hard to find clothes that fit me. But rather than wallow in the lack of a dream wardrobe, I can put pencil to paper and just draw it all! Who knows, maybe in the future I’ll be able to finally craft those doodled dream outfits).

Without further ado, here is my first installment of Outfit of the Week!


An oldie, but a goodie. I originally put this outfit together for a business interview, only to look in the mirror and feel a Selina Kyle vibe coming on. It’s no secret that Catwoman is one of my favourite comic characters of all time – the Princess of Plunder, the Madam Moderne, the elegant jewel thief turned anti-heroine. When wearing all black, especially in a sleek suit, I can’t help but think of Ms. Kyle.



Given the more classy business look of Selina Kyle in the recent movie, The Dark Knight Rises, I decided to have a little fun and do a TDKR-inspired shoot at Union Station in Nashville. You can view the full series here (complete with story!) —->


Blazer: TEMT (New Zealand Shirt: Marshall’s  Skirt: Charlotte Russe  Pantyhose: DKNY via Marshall’s Shoes: Aldo via Marti & Liz   Sunglasses: Borrowed from MUA  Leather Gloves: Ebay (bought for a Tifa Lockhart cosplay years back)

Photographers: David Merritt and Kirk Hughes
Hair & Makeup: Adriel Porter
Photo Editing: Me