Inspire Magazine Photoshoot 2 – Vintage Vamp

Tearsheet from Inspire Magazine in Atlanta (2013).10393180_655664724501633_3192357275330327955_n3 copyIMG_0753CROP2FLATSM

Sometimes student photographers can pull out some amazing shots. I rather like working with college photographers, still practicing their craft and wanting to get their feet wet. There’s a lot of room for collaboration and helping them branch out in content and feel more confident in their work.

I really enjoyed working with Rachel of Samonia Portraits, even if the location was a bit hazardous. It was a beautiful abandoned mansion in Atlanta, but oh my…hot Georgia¬†summers (with nearby stagnant water) make for a hotbed of mosquitos! Apparently I¬†was on the lunch menu for a group of local mozzies, so my best friend got to play connect-the-dots with my plethora of mosquito bites when I came home for dinner.

And that was just my back! You should’ve seen my legs…

Photographer: Samonia Portraits and Designs
Assistant: Richard Ladd
Makeup: Lou Lou
Hair: Sweet Peach

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