Inspire Magazine Photoshoot 1 – Futuristic Dreads

Tearsheet from Inspire Magazine in Atlanta (2013).Magazine1174627_10100383866784728_1443905184_n
I remember looking at myself in the mirror during the shoot and being reminding of the twins from the Matrix. Suddenly I showed up in print as a duo. Coincidence? I think not. jraglin_futureedge_036_mirror_lojraglin_futureedge_047_mirror_lojraglin_futureedge_070_mirror_lo


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So according to this shoot, Caucasian women of the future wear Na’vi dreads and abstract geisha makeup. I’m okay with this!

Photographer: Jerrica Raglin –
Assistant: Rachel Wright
Makeup: Kat Yin –
Hair Stylist: Nina Lee –
Wardrobe Stylist: Crystal Owens and Donald Leslie –

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