Her Universe & Hot Topic’s Marvel Collection

Hot-Topic-Her-Universe-Marvel-04212015-970x545In a nice turn of events, Her Universe has partnered with Hot Topic to bring a more fashion-conscious geek collection to the throngs of fangirls out there. In a market saturated with geek tshirts and leggings (not that these are bad things (goodness knows I have quite a few geek tees for those bumming-around-at-home days), but there does need to be a little more variety in the geek apparel market), Her Universe and Hot Topic have done just that. They’ve brought a line of fashion forward clothes inspired by the Avengers, just in time for the Avengers: Age of Ultron premiere.

(I’m getting a distinct Bladerunner vibe here…)

I really like the direction they decided to go in, both with the magazine editorial like lookbook shoot as well as listening to their market as to what people would like. From the mod look of Black Widow to the Rockabilly Captain America and Iron Man dresses. It’s no secret that I adore stealth geekery and closet cosplay (better yet if you can combine the two!). The Black Widow dress and jacket certainly fall into that category. (I’ll admit, I really want to try the jacket (though alas, I have a feeling it won’t fit my Na’vi-long torso. It may just be me, but it seems like a lot of fashion right now is geared towards girls with shorter torsos (example: skater dresses. Those are practically tops on me, or at the very least, bum-skimming.) But I digress…

Black-Widow-Jacket-04212015 Black-Widow-Dress-04212015
A fun note about this collection is that the designers, Amy Beth Christenson and Andrew MacLaine, were the winners of last year’s Geek Couture Fashion Show at San Diego Comic Con. Here you can see some behind-the-scenes of what went into designing the collection.

Although the line won’t be available in stores til May 12, you can pre-order them now.

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