Helmut Lang’s F/W 2012 Game of Thrones Inspired Collection

Helmut Lang FW 2012 Jon SnowWhile most of the focus of geek fashion has been on small startup companies made by geeks for geeks, let’s not forget the big players – the big fashion houses who also happen to be inspired by the same beloved fandoms. Alas, they occasionally slip under the radar due to being ‘just another frou-frou runway show in some posh city that’s way too expensive’. But even if the pricetag is too much for the common person to afford, it’s still nice to know that there is a common ground of inspiration. That something as simple as a TV show can unite both sides of the aisle.

Helmut Lang FW 2012 Ned StarkHelmut Lang FW 2012 DaenerysOne such show that slipped under the radar was Helmut Lang’s Fall/Winter 2012 collection that was, in fact, Game of Thrones-inspired. Nicole and Michael Colovos said they looked for an “interpretation of The Game of Thrones guardians,” and as a result, “their dual existence of forest life and a stark minimal world is embodied in the mixing of hard and soft fabrics, tree bark printed leather, and minimal body conscious silhouettes.” The collection still manages to stay true to the brand’s modern aesthetic while still having recognizable elements of it’s TV show muse.

Helmut Lang FW 2012 Jaime LannisterThe urban-medieval outfits feature enough leather, leggings and boots to qualify for a good jaunt around Westeros. Speaking of boots, LD Tuttle designer, Tiffany Tuttle teamed up with the Colovos’ to collaborate for the F/W 2012 collection to create a 5-piece capsule shoe collection to tie the outfits together. Edgy silhouettes and asymmetrical cuts with luxe leathers with hues of black and red harkened to the Night’s Watch, with a luxury that would be worthy of a Khaleesi’s closet.

Helmut Lang FW 2012 MelisandreHelmut Lang FW 2012 Theon GreyjoyPhotos: Style.com, H3D Wallpapers, Fanshare, Fanpop, Moonlight Library


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