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On Friday, March 13th, 2015, folks of all shapes, genders, backgrounds, etc. waited in great anticipation outside of a deceptively large establishment in Roswell, Georgia. Today was the day many had been looking forward to for months – the grand opening of the new location of local favourite, Battle & Brew! (Oh yes, I was one of the first ones in line.)11067490_10153682717223662_8749178668620912318_nBattle & Brew is Atlanta’s first gaming bar. First opened in 2005, it was housed in a small establishment complete with a modest menu, kitchen, some beer taps, a few gaming computers, and couches for board games and chatting. Cozy, but fun. Humble beginnings indeed.

Fast forward to 2015 and Battle & Brew moved into a MUCH larger space where they now boast a full restaurant, not just one, but TWO full bars, state-of-the-art gaming computer centers, gaming lounges, and swanky decor. But rather than pontificating more, I’ll let pictures do the talking. A picture is worth a thousand words, right? 21172_10153251418282783_4480816353471005738_n10347426_10153251419247783_16592666377626031_n10351170_10153251421997783_1285835485215547229_n11066522_10153251422012783_1378331102675088668_n10437445_10153251419217783_1484278890759443235_n10942527_10153251418467783_3800778601686595679_n11075157_10153251420867783_8127580186231345325_n1054_042610440754_10153251419392783_3231694906036169621_n1054_006311010574_10153251422752783_8535062225322687936_n          10891617_10153016313647783_772192687226101887_n 10931119_10153079074182783_8012283958271698737_n   11062079_10153251421247783_6979310109606769004_n  The place is so full of inspired decorations that not even the bathrooms were spared! 11071588_10153251420927783_339831676823487543_nIMG_20150313_174238IMG_20150313_174246  11075281_10153251418292783_7543361701736067702_n Photographer:

Battle & Brew Official Website

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