About Me

Arwen_makeup3Briana Lamb wears many hats – from storyboard artist to part-time model to on-set film costumer and sometimes park-bound hula hooper, Briana constantly stretches and challenges herself creatively. Between cups of tea, Briana can be found sketching out costume illustrations, meeting with clients for commercial storyboards, researching fabric distressing techniques, or doing her best Matrix impression to get the shot for a fashion shoot. Originally hailing from Nashville, she calls Atlanta home now and appears to be firmly entrenched in the local geek scene.

The Lady Nerd, once a pseudonym from college, blossomed into a personal blog in 2012. Over the years it’s gone through many relaunches and reiterations -from a 365 personal style blog to a travel blog to a modeling blog, and finally to its present form; a half personal/half community blog covering everything from geek to chic.

Briana noticed a gap in the market between the world of geekdom and high fashion. There is some overlap, but appears not to be well documented to the masses (at least, as far as fashion bloggers go). But with the two worlds circling ever closer with major fashion brands debuting geek-inspired runway shows or entertainment houses like Marvel announcing a new fashionable men’s line, Briana aims to position herself in the middle of it all. To show the world an alternative view that chic can be geek and geeks can be chic.


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