Happy New Year!

happy new year 2017

**The moving crew has begun unloading this blog into its new home. My apologies as over the next month this page has more in common with the Heart of Gold’s improbability drive than a regular WordPress blog (brownie points to whoever gets that reference)!***

2017 has arrived and I have returned unto the blog-o-sphere.


Best intentions have a way of being bushwhacked by life’s plethora of monkey wrenches. Many plans get made. Most go under. Not all of my discoveries and experiences have been positive, so alas, my plans for The Lady Nerd fell by the wayside.

But no more. This shall be the year of adventure! Glorious, glamorous adventure!  I’ve got old habits to kick and new frontiers to explore. I gladly invite any and all of you to join me for this year of style, creativity, and shenanigans.

Happy New Year!



  1. Alice says

    Hi Briana! I found your blog after doing a search for a Rey costume (like others, I’m sure). But I just wanted to say I’ve been looking through your blog, and I LOVE your style. I hope that you keep up the blog-writing this year, as I’ve been loving not only looking for inspiration on how to incorporate nerdy pieces into a fashionable wardrobe (I work in the retail fashion industry, so this is something I’ve been trying to do), but also reading what you write and the journey you’ve had so far with fashion and life.

    Happy blogging! Looking forward to reading more of what you write.

    • The Lady Nerd says

      Hi Alice!

      Thank you so much for the kind words. I really hope to do more this year (life has a bad way of wrecking my plans…). I’m pretty active on Facebook and Instagram if you care to follow there. In the meantime, I’m cooking up for geek fashion and even an exhaustive guide to Rey’s costume. Again, thank you for the encouragement. I need to get off my duff and do it. XD

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