The Lady Nerd’s Dragoncon 2015 Costume Lineup

Salutations everyone!

So here is my lineup for Dragoncon this year. (I’m keeping it simpler this year, nothing to extragavant, new, or crazy as I don’t know how much I’ll be able to handle given my post-accident stamina). But if you happen to spot me, do come say hi!

The Lady Nerd Dragoncon 2015
1) Yokai from Big Hero 6
This is definitely 100% different from anything I’d normally do, but it’s for a special reason. Back in 2013, I met a wonderful family of cosplayers (a dad, mom, a girl, and boy) with whom I just hit it off. They even visited me in the hospital last year when they came up from Dragoncon (as a complete surprise to me!). I promised I would cosplay with them this year. On my meager budget, I’m borrowing from their closet. Since they’re doing a Big Hero 6 group and the gals are taken, I thought I’d hide under a mask. Like ya do.

2) Lady Mary Crawley from Downton Abbey
I have a soft spot for the period soap opera, along with some other of my fancy dress friends. So I’ll be donning Lady Mary again for a Downton Abbey panel and photoshoot on Friday evening. Now if only my boyfriend (who looks strikingly like Matthew Crawley) was into cosplay…

3) Tomb Raider
Aww yeah, she’s back! It didn’t seem right to return to Dragoncon after almost dying last year without doing my best known costume (not to mention the symbolism behind it). And yes, I will be looking THAT dirty and bloody on the con floor.

4) May “Mayday” Parker  from Spider-girl
I’m still not 100% on doing this costume this year. The suit itself is done, but I don’t have the webshooters or short dark burgundy wig. But alot of folks are expecting to see this costume. So I’m still on the fence if I’m going to wear this to Con this year or wait.

5) Katniss Everdeen-inspired dress from Catching Fire
It’s finally finished! The dress itself was done a couple years ago, but I didn’t have the wig (as even though my hair is long, it’s pitifully lackluster and holds no curl). Since heels are required with the outfit, I have to use my cane, which as it turns out, also has flames one it. Fitting, no?