Outfit of the Week – Brown Peasant Dress

Brown peasant dressThey say stepping out of your comfort zone can be a good thing. In some cases, I’m rather inclined to agree. In my pursuit of stylish dresses, I tried on one that I wouldn’t normally have picked out. I tried on this little brown number (as I do love forest colours) as that year (2012) was already shaping up to be a scorcher and I needed some cool threads. Perhaps it was the fact that I had my hair curled that day (which for me, always makes whatever I’m wearing look 100 times better), but I skipped along home with dress in tow.

Brown peasant dressBrown peasant dressThough, I have a confession to make….

Brown peasant dressI have a love affair with climbing trees. Back in college, it was quite common that if friends were looking for me, I could be found in one of three trees around campus. There was the grove of trees by Peck Hall, my prayer tree by the school cafeteria, and the Anime Club tree – a perfect climbing tree so large, five of us could fit up there at us. We used to joke that there was a homing beacon inside the tree. If one member of the Club showed up and stood in the tree, within 5 minutes, at least one more Club Member would show up. If was foolproof until some school administrator got the bright idea to cut half of the tree off. I still climbed what was left of the tree, but it wasn’t the same. I couldn’t stand on the farthest thick branch (that’s right, STAND. And stand I would) like a guardian and watch the people passing below me. Which was always amusing because if a group ever passed by, inevitably the last person in the group would do a double take. Oh it was great!

Brown peasant dress in a treeI also used one of the higher crooked branches to lean on and meditate. There were times where I just needed to get away from the stress of classes, social drama, etc. I couldn’t focus on the ground, too much chatter. But there’s something relaxing about being up in a tree by oneself. Even if I was troubled, within a few minutes I’d have a smile on my face.

I miss that tree.

I miss climbing trees in general. Where I live, all the trees are very sap-ridden, tick-riddled cedars. So you can imagine my joy at finding a climable tree at Centennial Park in Nashville. I shimmied up those branches faster than you could blink!

Brown peasant dress sitting in a treeI feel like I’ve got a slight Michelle Dockery look going on in my face below…

Brown peasant dress laying in a treeI felt all sorts of frolicky in this outfit. So naturally, after climbing trees I had to go for a quick jaunt around the field. (Though I’ll admit, I’m not as much of a nature child to go barefoot. My soles were just too tender for that prickly grass!)

Brown peasant dress runningBlowing a kissLying in a fieldLying in a fieldPhotographs © Abrea Crackel 2012. http://www.abreacrackel.com

: Ross   Earrings: Handmade by a friend   Flats: Nine West via Marti & Liz  Bracelet: Target