Geek Couture – Marvel’s New Men’s Fashion Line


As geekdom and fashion circle ever closer to where lines begin to blur (such as Rodarte’s famed Star Wars runway collection), now comes geek giant, Marvel, crossing over to fashion with their announcement today of new men’s fashion line. In collaboration with Five Four, this line is being launched as an alternative to the (albeit beloved) geek t-shirt and jeans. Here, geek print meets with fashion-forward clothing (on some aptly cast male models)

Looking fashionable isn’t just for the lady nerds. Men, you too can have stealth geek chic.

The line launches on April 1st with outerwear, dress shirts, graphic tees, and accessories. For those of you familiar with LootCrate or Nerdblock (the mystery subscription boxes), this clothing line will be coming from Five Four as a monthly $60 box containing $120 worth of clothes, styled to your own specifications.FiveFourMarvel001-1-600x727

I cannot even begin to describe how much this excites me. I’ve often felt on the outskirts of these two worlds – too geeky for the fashion world or too styled for the geek world. But after watching trends of geekdom on the rise to mainstream and the eyes of the fashion world turning towards celebrating the things we love, like superheroes and catwomen, I knew they were going to come head-to-head at some point and make a beautiful blend. It’s happening! (Technically one can argue that it’s been happening, but that enters the realm of subjective opinion, which is neither here nor there). Regardless of the personal opinion, I’ll stick with my original exclamation of how exciting this is! Besides, who doesn’t love a well dressed (geek) guy?

Battle & Brew

On Friday, March 13th, 2015, folks of all shapes, genders, backgrounds, etc. waited in great anticipation outside of a deceptively large establishment in Roswell, Georgia. Today was the day many had been looking forward to for months – the grand opening of the new location of local favourite, Battle & Brew! (Oh yes, I was one of the first ones in line.)11067490_10153682717223662_8749178668620912318_nBattle & Brew is Atlanta’s first gaming bar. First opened in 2005, it was housed in a small establishment complete with a modest menu, kitchen, some beer taps, a few gaming computers, and couches for board games and chatting. Cozy, but fun. Humble beginnings indeed.

Fast forward to 2015 and Battle & Brew moved into a MUCH larger space where they now boast a full restaurant, not just one, but TWO full bars, state-of-the-art gaming computer centers, gaming lounges, and swanky decor. But rather than pontificating more, I’ll let pictures do the talking. A picture is worth a thousand words, right? 21172_10153251418282783_4480816353471005738_n10347426_10153251419247783_16592666377626031_n10351170_10153251421997783_1285835485215547229_n11066522_10153251422012783_1378331102675088668_n10437445_10153251419217783_1484278890759443235_n10942527_10153251418467783_3800778601686595679_n11075157_10153251420867783_8127580186231345325_n1054_042610440754_10153251419392783_3231694906036169621_n1054_006311010574_10153251422752783_8535062225322687936_n          10891617_10153016313647783_772192687226101887_n 10931119_10153079074182783_8012283958271698737_n   11062079_10153251421247783_6979310109606769004_n  The place is so full of inspired decorations that not even the bathrooms were spared! 11071588_10153251420927783_339831676823487543_nIMG_20150313_174238IMG_20150313_174246  11075281_10153251418292783_7543361701736067702_n Photographer:

Battle & Brew Official Website

Inspire Magazine Photoshoot 3 – Masks and Glitter

jraglin_secretspring_321_lo I had the privilege of shooting with Jerrica again for Inspire Magazine in Atlanta in November of 2013. We dubbed this the “faerie geisha” shoot. The hair and makeup sessions were a lot of fun (even if I was cleaning up glitter from where I was shedding it in my room three days later)!jraglin_secretspring_080_lojraglin_secretspring_317_lojraglin_secretspring_335_lo

It ain’t a photoshoot with me til there’s derp face. Ta-dah! 🙂

PhotographyJerrica Raglin
MakeupDSL Design & Talent LLC
HairBirminghams hairgawdstylist